Kia EV Service Plans

Everything your electric Kia needs.

We've designed your electric vehicle to be clean, efficient, eco-friendly and fun to drive. Kia Services Plan are designed to help you get the most out of your EV.


The advanced technology that powers your electric Kia requires the right equipment and know-how to maintain it. Our Kia dealerships are here to make servicing your EV as easy as possible.

EV Prepaid Service Plan

When you purchase any Kia EV, you have the opportunity to purchase the scheduled services in advance through our Kia Service Plan program[S].


You can purchase 3 years, 5 Years or 7 Years of servicing at the time of the vehicle purchase & control your future spending by paying for all your services in advance.

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Benefits of Kia Prepaid Service Plan

  • Quality

    A Kia Prepaid Service Plan guarantees that certified technicians will handle your vehicle, and that your service is performed using Genuine Kia Parts.

  • Value

    Purchasing a Kia service plan locks in routine maintenance costs, which means you will never pay more if labor and parts prices increase during the duration of the purchased plan.[v]

  • Coverage

    When the time comes, you can book the service in any of our 130 authorised Kia dealerships.

  • Up to 8 Years Roadside Assistance*

    Renew your 1 year Roadside Assistance package, for up to 8 years by returning your Kia car to an authorised Kia dealer for its scheduled services.


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How to purchase the EV Service Plan?

At the time of purchase of your new Kia EV, you can include the service plan within the financing of the vehicle or pay the package you select separately.


Kia Service Plans are transferable from owner to owner for the same vehicle identification number (VIN), in case you decide to sell your Kia.

EV Service Plans costs

  • Niro EV

    3 Year – $706

    5 Year – $1,351

    7 Year – $1,997

  • EV6 GT-Line and Air

    3 Year – $721
    5 Year – $1,382
    7 Year – $2,045

  • EV6 GT

    3 Year – $835
    5 Year – $1,561
    7 Year – $2,309

  • EV9

    3 Year – $706
    5 Year – $1,351
    7 Year – $1,997

Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid service

Kia Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid are covered by our Capped Price Service program.[c]


It ensures you know the maximum you’ll pay for your service up-front. Which means no unexpected surprises when the work’s been done. 

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All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice. Contact your local Kia dealer for current information.

[V] Kia Service Plan prices are indicative and may be subject to change without notice. For more information, please review the Terms and Conditions.

[S] Please note that the Kia 7 year of Capped Price Servicing (CPS) is not active with EV vehicles.

*See the full terms and conditions for Kia Roadside Assistance here.

[C] See the full terms and conditions for Capped Price Service here.