Why choose Kia Genuine Parts?

Reliability you can count on

At Kia, we don't compromise on authenticity. 
All Kia Genuine Parts are designed and engineered to fit your Kia perfectly. Enjoy a seamless driving experience knowing your Kia has been fitted with Kia Genuine Parts.

Confidence in safety

Trust Kia Genuine Parts when valuing the safety of all Kia drivers and passengers. Non genuine parts are not certified by our Kia factory engineers and their use may can lead to the vehicle underperforming, and potentially increase the frequency of replacements and overall costs in maintenance. A non-genuine part fitment may also invalidate your Kia warranty.

12 months warranty

Genuine Parts deserve genuine protection. Any Kia Genuine Part fitted at a Kia Service Dealer or purchased from Kia Parts Online is covered by a 12 month warranty or 20,000KM.[A] Drive with confidence knowing your Kia is protected with Kia Genuine Parts.

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[A] Warranty on Genuine Kia Parts & Accessories
If Accessories are installed by an Authorised Kia Dealer after the retail sale, they will be covered for the remainder of the Kia New Vehicle Warranty period or for 1 Year, whichever is the greater. In the case where a replacement part is installed under the Kia New Vehicle Warranty during the vehicle’s warranty period, the part is covered for the remainder of the Kia New Vehicle Warranty period only. Kia replacement parts and accessories that are not installed by an Authorised Kia Dealer are covered by Parts and Accessory Warranty for 1 year or 20,000 kilometres, whichever occurs first.

For more information, view the full Kia Warranty terms and conditions here.