Hybrid’s best SU

he self-charging Niro gives modern hybrid technology a sleek new look, bringing the efficiency of a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) to a fun-to-drive crossover SUV. The advanced parallel hybrid powertrain seamlessly blends petrol and electric power – without the need for external charging – for a great ride with outstanding hybrid efficiency.


It’s just as impressive on the inside, too — giving you advanced connectivity, tons of comfort and versatility, and a range of intuitive technology and features.

Bold new crossover.

  • Sleek & striking

    Fully redesigned from the ground up, with modern simple lines and an optional two-tone body. A unique combination of design and graphics that extend from its headlamps to its rear.

  • Distinctive side profile

    Not only does the C-pillar add a distinctive edge to the car, but the aero-pillar also optimises air flow around the vehicle to help achieve greater fuel efficiency.

  • Confident rear styling

    A modernised rear bumper and available full LED rear tail lights complete the refined-yet-athletic appearance of the Niro.

  • Dynamic wheels

    Alloy wheels are available in 16 or 18-inch styles, with both options featuring stylish & dynamic-looking geometric designs.

Smart tech, fun drive.


Connectivity & simplicity.

Interior tech
  • Dual 10.25 inch displays

    Easy to read and operate, the dual 10.25" Digital Drive Cluster with 10.25" touchscreen infotainment display hosts a multitude of features such as Bluetooth[B], Android Auto[A] & Apple CarPlay[C] connectivity to enrich your driving experience.

    Available on GT-Line grade.

    Basic Digital Drive Cluster with 4.2" LCD + 8" touchscreen infotainment available on S grade.

  • Head Up Display (HUD)

    Get vital driving information – and see what’s coming – with the Head-Up Display. Navigation guidance, vehicle speed and speed limits are projected directly on the windshield, so you can look ahead while keeping your eyes on the road.


    Available on GT-Line grade.

  • Dial-type shifter

    Intuitive and clear the dial type shift creates a clean & minimalist look and feel.


    Available on GT-Line grade.

  • Switchable Control Panel

    The infotainment and climate control systems share the same LCD touchscreen buttons. Press the fan/arrow button to switch between climate and infotainment controls.

Kia Connect

Discover Kia Connect Services[D], a suite of intelligent connectivity features designed to enhance your every journey.

Available on GT-Line grade.

Lean more

Space meets versatility.


Small footprint, big versatility.

  • Heated & ventilated front seats

    Personalise your comfort zone for both driver & front passenger with the available heated & ventilated front seats.


    Available on GT-Line grade.

  • Smart power tailgate

    Simply stand behind the rear tailgate for three seconds with your smart key in proximity for the Smart Power Tailgate to automatically open – perfect for when your hands are full.


    Available on GT-Line grade.

  • Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA)[W]

    The Remote Smart Parking Assist system integrated to your smart key starts the car remotely and allows you to control forward and backward movements of the vehicle. This conveniently allows easier parking or exiting from tight spaces and garages. Emergency braking is applied when the system detects any objects.


    Available on GT-Line grade.

  • 2nd row comfort

    The backs of the front headrests include built-in shape-preserving coat hangers, USB ports on front seat sides, and the slim seat design provides more legroom for the rear passengers for a comfortable journey.

Powerful innovation.

Performance & charging

Inspiring performance.

Hybrid tech
  • Hybrid powertrain

    The Niro features our 1.6 GDI petrol engine which works in tandem with the transmission-mounted electric motor to bring power to the front wheels with optimum energy efficiency.

  • Smart Regenerative Braking

    Regenerative braking helps to convert the kinetic energy when decelerating and braking into electrical energy to recharge the battery for even greater energy efficiency. No plugs necessary.

  • 6 Speed Dual Clutch Transmission

    The Niro breaks preconceptions and makes hybrids fun to drive with its fast and responsive 6-speed DCT.

  • Drive mode select

    Easily select from Eco & Sport Modes. Sport Mode increases responsiveness of the transmission & steering for dynamic driving, while Eco Mode maximises energy efficiency.

Safety first, every time.



  • Autonomous Emergency Braking (Car/Pedestrian/Cyclist) & Junction Turning* (AEB)

    Using radar and camera data, the AEB system senses the potential for a collision with a pedestrian, car or cyclist ahead, and applies emergency braking to avoid or reduce the effects of a collision.


    When the AEB system detects a risk of collision when turning at an intersection, the system will warn the driver with audio/visual alerts, steering wheel vibration and will automatically apply the brakes.

  • Safe Exit Assist* (SEA)

    The Safe Exit Warning (SEW) system will look out for you as it detects and warns of approaching vehicles that enter your blind spot zone before you open your door.


    Additionally the SEA system will automatically lock passenger doors so that exit is not possible until the hazard has cleared.


    Safe Exit Warning available on all grades.
    Safe Exit Assist available on GT-Line grade.

  • Rear Cross Traffic Collision Avoidance* (RCCA)

    Rear Cross Traffic Collision Warning* (RCCW) warns the driver with audio & visual alerts when detecting vehicles approaching from either side of the vehicle when reversing. RCCA combines alerts from the RCCW system with braking to help prevent possible collisions.

  • Rear Occupant Alert* (ROA)

    ROA makes note of the rear door open history to remind drivers to check rear seats when exiting the vehicle to prevent children, pets or items being left behind.

  • Lane Following Assist* (LFA)

    LFA helps the vehicle remain in the centre of the lane by continuously correcting the course of the vehicle as needed.

  • Parking Collision Avoidance Assist - Reverse* (PCA-R)

    The PCA-R system warns you with visual/audible alarms and haptic steering feedback while also engaging the brakes when it anticipates collision with an obstacle and/or pedestrians.


    Available on GT-Line grade.

  • Lane Keeping Assist* (LKA)

    LKA alerts the driver when it detects that the vehicle is about the deviate from the traffic lane without the use of indicators. It may also automatically assist the vehicle to help the driver stay within the lane of travel.

  • Blind Spot Collision Avoidance Assist* (BCA)

    When operating the turn signal switch to change lanes, BCA provides a warning if there is a risk of collision with a rear side vehicle. If exiting a parallel parking spot and there is a risk of collision with a rear side vehicle, it automatically assists with emergency braking.

Pick your perfect trim.

2 grades available.

  • Niro Hybrid S

    1.6L Petrol Hybrid (HEV)


    Key features :


    • 16" alloy wheels
    • Basic Digital Drive Cluster with 4.2" LCD & 8" infotainment dual display
    • Smart regenerative braking
    • AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking) - Car, Pedestrian, Cyclist with  Junction 
    • Intelligent Speed Limit Assist (ISLA)[S]
    • Blind Spot Collision Avoidance (BCA) Assist[S]
    • Multi Collision Braking[S]
    • Safe Exit Warning[S]
    • Lane Keeping Assist (LKA)[S]
    • Lane Following Assist (LFA)[S]
    • LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
  • Niro Hybrid GT-Line

    1.6L Petrol Hybrid (HEV)

    Key features :

    In addition to S:


    • 18" alloy wheels
    • Kia Connect Services
    • 10.25" cluster & 10.25" infotainment  dual display
    • 10" head-up display
    • Inbuilt navigation
    • Heated & ventilated front seats
    • Smart power tailgate
    • Safe Exit Assist[S]
    • Dial type shifter
    • 64 colour ambient mood light

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All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice. Contact your local Kia dealer for current information.

*Safety technologies are supplemental systems and do not replace the need for the driver to exercise care and attention. For more information about Kia's safety systems, please see your local Kia dealer or refer to your Kia vehicle's owner's manual.

[A]Android Auto™ connectivity requires compatible Android device. See for more details. Android Auto™ is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

[B]Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Not all mobile phones compatible with the vehicle's Bluetooth® and multimedia system

[C]Apple CarPlay™ connectivity requires compatible iOS device. See for more details. Apple CarPlay™ is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

[D]Kia Connect is a connected car service, providing customers with remote vehicle control, vehicle status monitoring, real-time traffic updates and more. Not all phones will be compatible with the Kia Connect app. For more details on Kia Connect visit Please read the Kia Connect Privacy Notice to see how Kia uses your personal information to provide Kia Connect services.

[W]The Road Traffic Code 2000 in WA prohibits people from driving a vehicle unless a person is behind the steering wheel and they have full control over the vehicle. The use of the Remote Smart Park Assist (RSPA) feature will not comply with this rule and thus it should not be used while within WA.

Kia's Unlimited KM 7 Year Warranty. Note: 7 year/150,000km warranty for vehicles used for the following: rental vehicles, hire cars, taxis, courier vehicles, driving school vehicles, security vehicles, bus and tour vehicles. Capped Price Servicing: Maximum payable for specified number of manufacturer's standard scheduled maintenance services up to 7 years or 105,000kms, whichever occurs first. Complimentary Roadside Assistance for the first year. Renewed yearly by completing scheduled maintenance services at Kia Dealerships (up to maximum 8 years). Terms and conditions for Warranty, Capped Price Servicing and Roadside Assistance can be found at